Roll On Richmond Hill - Guest Printmakers Exhibit on now

Roll On Richmond Hill is a Steamroller Printmaking Event being held in the back parking lot (BTW this means *NO ON-SITE PARKING*) of the Burr House Artisans shop on Saturday August 19th between 10am and 4pm.

Three guest artists, plus the event's host, Katie Argyle, have been busy hand-carving a 20" x 30" block of birch plywood for this event.

In addition, one steamroller-made print by each artist will be on display and for sale in the Burr House Artisans Shop right after its creation.

All the printmakers are showing work in the Burr House right now. Each one of them has printmaking experience, two of them have done steamroller printing before. All artists are based in Richmond Hill.

Haleh Delavi and Alexandra Conrad are working together to carve one block. Both are members of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists.

Haleh Delavi :  hand-carved stamps with printed silk fabric and Swim Through Life (mixed media)

`Alexandra Conrad: Feelings (woodcut) and Toronto - Art Show (painting reproduction on canvas)

Sharlene Wong is a printmaker with steamroller printing experience. She works in all forms of printmaking: relief and intaglio.

Shar Wong: Step Out (drypoint, chine colle) and Favourite Clips (linocut)

 Shar Wong driving the steamroller over her block at Midland's Steamroller event 2013

Sue Forester is a mixed media artist, with a strong drawing practice. She hosts life drawing classes in Richmond Hill
Sue Foerster: Reborn (mixed media) and Emotion in Motion (monotype)

Katie Argyle is an artist working across several mediums including ceramics, painting and printmaking. She has a particular fondness for large scale woodblock prints. She has participated in two steamroller events and is thrilled to be hosting one in Richmond Hill.

Katie Argyle:  High Noon (painting) and Public Announcement (linocut)

Katie Argyle having fun driving the steamroller over her block at Midland's Steamroller event 2013