Print Exchange Participants - Info about your exchange prints

Hello to all who participated in our first print exchange!

Our show opened last weekend to a quiet but appreciative audience.

wore my best print-related t-shirt
We sold our first prints and word of our event is slowly filtering out into the community. People around here are new to the idea of a print exchange and what is involved. Actually they are even new to the idea of a fine art print.
Much education to be done! Thank you for giving me such great examples to point to as I try to explain the many and varied forms of printmaking. Everyone is amazed at the generosity of the printmakers so I am passing this good will along to you all.

 triptych of 3 woodcuts: world leaders and animals-suited Obama and dog, sweater-clad Harper and kitten, shirtless Putin and horse             

drypoint plate and print The Rainy Day

I am waiting until the middle of the month to sort the exchange and to begin mailing back the prints. Probably this will end up taking a week, so by the third week of April they should be on their way to you. I will be in touch.

linocuts, book using linocut prints, aluminum etching

Meanwhile I will begin to post images of the work in the gallery. May anyone who can be here be enticed to purchase a print, and may everyone out of reach who is interested contact me. It can be arranged!