The Burr House and Guild Hall, Richmond Hill - April 2015

The Burr House is a historical site in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada. Built in the 1820's, the Burr House is the oldest building still occupying its original site.

Guild Hall and Burr House
Guild Hall was later moved to the Burr House site by the Town of Richmond Hill. Both buildings are currently in use. Guild Hall is the Home of the Burr House Spinners and Weavers (upstairs) while the Hill Potters' Guild occupy the downstairs.

front door Burr House

official heritage plaque
The Burr House Gallery and Tearoom is operated by the volunteers of the two guilds. It is a not for profit and exists to promote the work of local artists and artisans and guild members. All monies raised return to the guilds to support their community outreach and guild projects.

back of the Burr House
The Burr House Print Exchange and Exhibition/Sale is a fundraiser for the guilds. All monies raised help support the guilds with their community work whole providing a venue for all levels of traditional printmakers to show their work  to the community.

roadside sign
On behalf of the two guilds, I thank everyone for their participation and generosity in donating a print for our fundraising efforts and hope you take delight in what prints wend their way back to you.

-Katie Argyle
gallery coordinator
Burr House Gallery.

Guild Hall- home of the Hill Potter and Burr House Spinners and Weavers